Who We Are

Point of Sail” is a term used by sailors to describe a boat’s direction relative to the wind. Many entrepreneurs find themselves steering directly into headwinds created by the venture capital return model.

At Wheelhouse we help companies get back to the windward side of their business model, leading to calmer waters and profitability.

We are passionate about operating companies built on values, purpose and serving our customers. We care about resiliency in entrepreneurship and the art of the comeback. We believe in second chances for great people and products. 

What We Do

Wheelhouse is a leading private equity firm run by partners with deep operating and Venture Capital experience in Silicon Valley.

Unlike traditional mid-market private equity firms that rely on financial engineering, Wheelhouse leverages proprietary digital marketing, SaaS Sales, and Data Science methodologies to drive cash flow from under-performing technology companies deserted by traditional venture return model.

By engaging in special situations, restructuring, and buyouts, Wheelhouse’s approach consistently achieves venture-like returns with a traditional private equity model.

How We Do It

We mentor and work alongside talented executives and teams to rebuild companies and achieve cash flow from amazing product companies. Wheelhouse has an unfair advantage by deploying management impact teams, best practices and play-books built with over 60 years of experience.

What We Invest In

We invest in SaaS, mobile, enterprise and e-commerce technology companies with second order product-market fit that are looking to reset. These companies have been pre-maturely scaled but can be returned to profitability.

By leveraging hands-on operational leadership, we provide a second chance for companies to achieve profitability and build sustaining businesses.

For details about our investment process and operational involvement, get in touch with us.